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You are a passionate traveler. But are you a writer? Even if not, start acting like one from now onward.

North East India Travel Blog: Stories on Wheels, as the name suggests, is a free podium for communication and freedom of expression in which anybody can write and publish his/her travel related articles. We sincerely endeavour our best to provide genuine information and promising connections among people by being easily accessible to a wide range of our distinguished readers.

A guest post published in a travel blog offers the author an unparalleled opportunity to reach the global readers who can impact hundreds of enthusiastic audiences as a freelance writer. Otherwise many untold travel stories like yours would vanish with time in mere gossips and sweet memories collected in tranquil condition of mind. So we have liberated “North East India Travel Blog: Stories on Wheels” as your right platform to publish any travel related article, photos and videos with due credit to the original author.

We would like to publish your informative travel stories in our travel blog with the simplest objective to convey your travel experience with the global readers. After all, it’s probably impossible to travel and explore all the travel destinations located in this green planet in a short period of time or may be in one’s lifetime.

Themes of Guest Posts:

  • Solo Travel Stories / Family Holidaying Experience / Unique Adventure Stories / Top 10 Listings and Highlights / Tips on Travel / New Travel Destination / Articles related to Budget Travel / Articles related to Luxury Travel / Dangerous Destinations / Travel Events / Luxury Hotel Reviews / Special Restaurant Reviews / Travel Photo Album / Travel Videos

Post Submission Rules:

  • Every guest post should contain minimum 500 words and 1500 words in maximum.
  • Every guest post should be original i.e, written by you and unpublished online.
  • Every guest post should contain minimum 3 copies of photographs preferably not smaller than 2 MP sizes. Photos should be in 4:3 ratios.
  • Every guest post must not be a simple story of family fun, but must be informative and inspiring enough so that some other people willing to visit those travel destinations find some quality information instead.
  • We publish those essential informative travel stories also, which might be published in various printed media, but not readily available online.
  • Please don’t send the same article, which are already published in other online magazines or web portals. In such particular case, we reserve absolute right to remove the article from North East India Travel Blog immediately without prior notice to the guest author.
  • Please write your real name as you would like it to appear it in the post.
  • Please include a short and proper introduction about yourself which will be published at the bottom of the post.
  • Guest authors must not provide any back links within the content of the post.
  • We will offer exposure to the guest author by providing a link to his/her independent travel blog/personal website if the guest author possesses any. Otherwise, we can link back to his/her Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus etc. any social media page.
  • In every guest post, guest author remains the copyright owner of the content published. We simply exercise publication rights.
  • Yet, we do reserve absolute right to impose essential editing to your post which includes re-naming the post title, putting pictures in right place, adding links, keywords and headings. Such right is to be exercised to promote your post.
  • We also preserve absolute right to disregard sensitive contents in the articles which may affect directly or indirectly any people or particular section of the society.
  • Please remember, there is no specific weekday for publishing guest post in North East India Travel Blog, but it may take a few days to publish the posts due to our scrutiny procedure and receipt of sheer volume of guest posts requests.
  • Please realize your responsibility to promote your post in various social media sites.
  • If your website represents a travel company or desire to a link the same, please contact us.
  • We neither charge any money for publishing your guest post online nor we pay in return for the same.

How to submit:

  • Please feel free to mail us with your travel write-ups to anytime following post submission rules mentioned above.