Meghalaya Travel Info

Discover India magazine’s recognition:

 •  Mawlynnong village, located in Meghalaya is the cleanest village in Asia. The village is popularly known as “God’s Own Garden”.

In addition, 

 • Mawsynram, a village near Cherrapunjee, receives the highest rainfall in the world. It is designated to be the wettest place on earth.
 • Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee, engineered from the roots of ficus elastica, a species of the Indian rubber tree with exuberant root growths are exceptional and unique botanical wonders nowhere found in the world except in Meghalaya.
 • Globally famous Butterfly Museum in Shillong is the only known museum in India for its unique and exclusive collection of butterflies and moths under the private authority of M/S Wankhar, Riatsamthiah.
 • Shillong golf-course is recognized as one of the oldest and best natural golf courses in the world.
 • Nongkhnum Island, the biggest island of Meghalaya is acclaimed as the second largest river island in Asia after Majuli.

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